Frequently Asked Questions
Will I get paid?
Yes, all of our clients earn an hourly wage and receive a paycheck from Sharp Training unless they are directly hired by one of our work sites.

How do I get to and from work?
Our agency is able to provide transportation for all of our clients. However, many school districts choose to provide the transportation while the individual is still in school.

Will I have a job coach?
Our agency can provide a range of job coach support based on that individuals need. We offer one to one coaching, full time coach on the job site, and periodic check-ins or intial coaching only.

How do I access Sharp Training’s services?
Our agency contracts with school districts throughout Southeastern Connecicut as well as the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), Bureau for the Blind (BESBE), and the Mashantucket Tribe. In addition, we can contract with families directly if needed.
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