Vocational Services

Through our years of experience, Sharp Training has learned that on the job training is the best environment for learning and gives our participants a foundation to achieve their goals. By placing each individual in a real-world job setting they receive the proper training needed to become as independent as possible in today’s workforce. This direct approach gives each participant access to various field experiences not possible outside the Sharp Training environment.

We challenge our job development team to be innovative when creating new opportunities for our participants and with access to over 100 businesses the job market is wide open. Because of this, we have had hundreds of successful independent job placements.

To meet the specific needs of each individual we offer a variety of support and staff involvement. Therefore, believe providing different models of job placement.

  • Group Supported Employment
    • Job Coach is on site at all times
    • A good model to initially evaluate an individual’s needs
    • Provides stability and the support necessary for some who need to have a consistent level of supervision on a daily basis
  • Independent Placement
    • Initial job coach training provided
    • Program monitored by a Job Coach for check-ins and problem solving as needed
    • Allows an individual to be placed in work setting that they may not otherwise have access to
    • Leads to creative competitive employment opportunities that can be “carved out” especially for our clients

An initial job assessment or interest inventory can be conducted to establish a baseline for employment options. Once the level of need is determined we will strive to provide valuable and unique job opportunities. We look forward to speaking with you to begin the specialized vocational program Sharp Training Inc. can offer.

Vocational Services

Life Skill Center
Independent living skills are paramount for an individual’s success no matter what their living situation. Our agency focuses on teaching these important life skills at our center located in Oakdale, CT. In 2014 our bigger location will offer us the ability to provide a more focused learning environment. Our new location will allow us to create a life-size Living room, Kitchen, and Bedroom offering our participants a truly independent living environment. Initially, an assessment is conducted to determine which areas of independent living need the most instruction. This information is then used to tailor a program unique to every individual.

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

  • Safety Skills
  • Employment Skills: Resume writing, applications, interviews, etc.
  • Health and Basic First Aid
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Community Resources: Internet use, yellow pages, newspaper searches
  • Social Skills: Anger management, communication, decision making
  • Nutrition
  • Money Management and Budgeting
  • Banking: Depositing & Check Writing
  • Comparative Shopping
  • Hands-on Cooking Classes, Recipe building, Menu Planning & Food safety
  • Basic Household Maintenance Tasks
  • Transportation Training

In addition to providing instruction on these areas our Life Skills center allows participants to learn social skills through group activities and exercises. The combination of individualized programming and group involvement offers a unique opportunity for learning.

Vocational Services

High School Transition
We understand that the transition from school to work can feel uncertain and overwhelming. It is critical that during this time you receive all of the tools needed to have a bright and successful future. Sharp Training provides these tools, making this process easier for all of those involved.

To ease this transition, our agency provides:

  • Vocational training
  • Life Skill Instruction
  • Assistance with connecting you with the appropriate services you may be eligible for after graduation

All of our programs can be tailored to work around your high school schedule, providing the flexibility needed to allow both to co-exist. Let us help make your entrance into the post-graduation world effortless and successful!

Our agency understands that transportation is critical to an individual’s employment success and maintaining a job. Our agency can provide transportation during your high school years as well as after graduation.

  • Full-time transportation coordinator
  • Certified drivers
  • Utilize regular mini-vans for discreet transport
  • Can be flexible with any work schedule
  • Allows individuals to explore job opportunities outside of the parameters of public transportation.

Day Service Option/Recreation Center
Our agency believes in the importance of providing a program for those individuals who are not in a work program or want to supplement their work program with a day service option. Our center is located in Oakdale, CT. and run by the Sharp Training staff. The program’s goal is to foster an enjoyable environment that provides clients daily choices of activities.
These can include:

  • Community outings such as bowling, shopping at the mall, park trips
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Jewelry making
  • Mild Exercise
  • Watching movies

Each individual is encouraged to participate in all activities but is allowed to make the choice for themselves. The center provides a social environment for individuals to interact with their peers, demonstrate creativity, and participate in the community.