Vocational Services:

Based on our years of experience, Sharp Training believes that on the job training is the best environment for learning and gives our individuals a foundation to achieve their goals.  By placing each individual in a real-world job setting they can receive the proper training needed to become as independent as possible in today’s workforce.  This direct approach allows them access to various field experiences not possible outside of Sharp Training.

An interest inventory or initial job assessment can be conducted to establish a baseline for employment options.  Once the level of need is determined we will strive to provide valuable and unique job opportunities.  To meet the specific needs of our individuals we offer a variety of support and staff involvement.  For those who benefit from having a coach available at all times, we offer a Group Supported Employment model.  In this model, individuals work as a team with a job coach on site always ready to lend support and redirection if necessary.  For individuals that work independently, we provide weekly check-ins to address any issues or concerns from either client or employer.  We are ready and able to provide all levels of support.  We also aid with obtaining competitive employment.  The first step is developing a career plan with the individual.  Once the job is found a job coach works with the individual during the training process then that individual is supported with weekly coach support based on their needs.  No matter if you start on one of our work crews with a job coach on site or you are a direct hire our staff is here to help.

  • Group Supported Employment
    • Job Coach is always on site
    • Good model to initially evaluate individual’s needs
    • Provides stability and the support necessary for some who need to have a consistent level of supervision.
  • Independent Placement
    • Initial job coach training provided
    • Program monitored by a Job Coach for check-ins and problem solving as needed
    • Allows an individual to be placed in work setting that they may not otherwise have access to
    • Leads to creative competitive employment opportunities that can be “carved out” specifically for our clients